Exercise is more than just running!

When we think of exercising our pets the first thing that comes to mind is probably walking the dog or playtime around the living room with the cat.  Physical exercise is absolutely necessary for our pets but the issue is that we are only exhausting their bodies but doing nothing for their brains.  Let’s talk... Continue Reading →


Hot Weather Policy

Summer is coming and that means it is starting to heat up outside! At Carrie Pawpins, Pet Nanny we want to make sure we are always keeping the best interest and safety of the pets as our first priority. This means that when hot weather comes we have to think about how that can affect... Continue Reading →

Cat Behavior 101

Last week Bianca, my Cornish Rex, and I made the trip down to Tucson to give a presentation about cat behavior at Building Bonds training center.  To be honest, I was very nervous weeks before the presentation because I was worried that not many people would be interested in the topic, but I was wrong!... Continue Reading →

5 Common Cat Myths

There are so many myths that I have heard over the years about cats. Most of these come from people who have never owned a cat or have had a bad experience with them. Let’s talk about 5 common myths and what is really true about cats! 1. Cats don’t need exercise -Cats do need... Continue Reading →

Is Force Free for You?

What is a force free trainer? Force free trainers are professionals who are committed to results using science based, force free methods.  A force free trainer will never use a shock or e-collar, choke chains, prong collar, physical punishment, force, fear, or compulsion when working with an animal.  Many of these professionals are also members... Continue Reading →

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